Beware of fire ants as floodwaters recede

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Snakes aren't the only creatures to be aware of as floodwaters recede in many parts of central Alabama.

In other words, the danger isn't necessarily over.

Floating fire ant colonies are often seen after a flood. Heavy rains have drenched central Alabama since Father's Day and continued with the arrival of Tropical Storm Cindy.

The flood waters lift up the ants, and they in turn cling to each other by creating a mound for survival. The red fire ant is known for its painful bite, which can also be deadly if the person bitten is allergic.

In just under two minutes, fire ants can assemble a floating raft and float until they reach higher ground.

WSFA 12 News reporter Bryan Henry talked with a member of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service on the importance of staying away from these colonies.

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