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ALSDE hires legal counsel amid ethics investigation

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Alabama State Department of Education board members voted Friday to hire Means-Gillis law firm as outside counsel.

This vote follows the release of a report on the ethics investigation involving former superintendent finalist Craig Pouncey.

The report accused state department board member Mary Scott Hunter, three attorneys for the department of education and the assistant superintendent of conspiring to harm Pouncey's candidacy.

The firm will represent board members only, and it’s a move that Hunter said is necessary.

"Unfortunately, some very fine people's reputation has been hurt this week,” Hunter said.  “So, I wanted to make sure those people are protected.  Those are all good lawyers that were accused, and it's not fair for them to be maligned in the way that they have been by a faulty report that's been issued this week."

Ella Bell, another board member, had this to say: "We want the children of this state to know this board has primary interest in their future, and when all is said we will make Alabama the greatest state, not just the great state."

Hunter and general counsel Juliana Dean deny any wrongdoing alleged in the report.

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