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New gun range in Eufaula offers unique experience

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

There's a new place to learn some serious shooting skills, and its bringing in people from all over the country. 

The Barbour Creek Shooting Academy is a gun range in Eufaula. Maybe you've been to a shooting range before, but it's probably not like this one. 

James Eagleman, who is an instructor at the range, served 26 years active duty as a sniper in the army. He said they call being at the range the "Barbour Creek Experience," and it's about a lot more than just firing a gun.  

"[We have] long range hunting, shooting schools, pistol training, corporate retreats with an obstacle course, there's even a lodge and food so you don't have to leave here," Eagleman said. 

The main focus of the lodge is long-range hunting, and it all starts in the classroom. In this brand of hunting, distance and wind can be the difference between hitting your target or missing. It can seem complex with all the math involved, but Eagelman said he knows how to make it easier to wrap your head around. 

"I've made it simple to understand," he said. "A lot of this stuff is complex. You have algorithms, wind vectors, omegas and how everything fits together." 

Once you understand the gun and the equipment, it's time to shoot. 

The range actually makes their guns on site, and they can make even the rookies look good. Even if you're new to shooting, Eagleman said "you'll be hitting 1,000 yards in 20 minutes." 

"You don't have to bring anything but a smile," he said. "We provide it all. Well, also bring a toothbrush." 

The Barbour Creek Shooting Academy opened on May 20 of this year, and has attracted hunting enthusiasts from all over the country. It offers its guests one or two day courses come with the option of staying overnight. 

For more information on the range, you can check out their website

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