Autauga County Shelter Information

NOTE:  Prattville Mayor Jim Byard, Jr. has issued a mandatory dusk to dawn curfew for tonight ( Sunday, July 10, 2005 ) due to Hurricane Dennis. All non-essential traffic should stay off of the roadways. "I urge all citizens to seek shelter and stay put until morning. Only emergency personnel and public works crews should be out tonight," said Mayor Byard.  Prattville and Autauga County continue to be under a Hurricane Warning issued by the National Weather Service.

The Mayor reminds citizens of several contact numbers:

  • Emergency Calls 911
  • Non Emergency Calls 361-9911,  361-3609
  • Shelter Hotline 361-4841

Public Works and Public Safety personnel will be working through the night to deal with storm related issues.


PRATTVILLE – The Autauga County Emergency Management Agency has opened more shelters for those seeking refuge from Hurricane Dennis.

- 1st Methodist Church

- Autaugaville United Methodist Church

- Ag Center in Autaugaville

- Trinity United Methodist Church , 610 Fairview Avenue (Highway 14 East) in Prattville will open at 10:00 am Saturday, and is recommended for travelers and evacuees because of its nearness to Interstate 65.

-  The Doster Center , 424 South Northington Street in Prattville , will open at 7:00 am Sunday morning. It is recommended for local residents seeking shelter.

-  Further out in the county a shelter will open at 7:00 am Sunday morning in Autaugaville at the Agricultural Center/Extension Service office, 2226 Highway 14 West. This shelter is recommended for persons accompanied by pets.

-  A special needs shelter will open in Prattville at noon Saturday for persons with special medical needs. The facility that once housed the Prattville Baptist nursing home is located at 750 Wetumpka Street . Special needs persons must have a care giver to accompany them, and they should bring medication, food and bedding to last at least three days. Medical needs shelters should only be utilized as a last resort by those persons who live at home with stable medical conditions that require the ongoing assistance of an at-home care provider and who need to relocate because of the storm and who do not have an alternative location and source of care. If possible, such persons should seek shelter at the home of a family member or friend.

Examples of persons who may qualify for a medical needs shelter include the following: Portable ventilator patients who require minimal assistance with ADLS; Intravenous therapy if managing at home with out complications; Stable --oxygen, nebulizer, or sleep apnea therapy that has been stable/maintained at home for 30 or more days; Wheel chair bound patients who require minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs; Frequently incontinent person (urinary/bowel) requiring assistance with ADLs; Diabetics that require assistance in their insulin medication and/or require minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs; Simple dressing changes requiring assistance with ADLs; Peritoneal dialysis if self administrating or family assist without complications requiring assistance with ADLs; Mild dementia without abusive or wandering behavior requiring minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs; Mental illness/MR with non violent behavior requiring minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs; Ostomy patients that require minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs; Hospice patients that require minimal to moderate assistance with ALDs; Foley /supra-pubic catheter patients that require minimal to moderate assistance with ADLs and are stable; ADLs --include activities that consist of bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, transfers and ambulation .

Persons with more severe conditions, e.g., those on ventilators or with an unstable medical condition, should seek shelter or care at a hospital or other appropriate institution.

-  Persons with stable, underlying medical conditions that do not require the assistance of a care provider should seek shelter in mass care shelters.

If needed a shelter will open at Billingsley at the First Baptist Church , 2011 Church Street .

No pets are allowed in shelters (except Autaugaville) with the exception of service animals such as Seeing Eye dogs.

Citizens are urged to vacate mobile homes and unsafe structures and go to a safe place, such as the home of a relative or friend, or an identified public shelter; stay off roads unless it is absolutely necessary.

Dial 911 for true emergencies; dial 334-361-4840 to report downed trees.

The public should stay tuned to radio and TV broadcasts for the opening of more shelters over the next 2-3 days.

For information on Autauga County shelters call the shelter information hotline at (334) 361-4841.