Editorial: Tragic gun violence

Editorial: Tragic gun violence

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I am deeply disturbed by the continual gun violence involving juveniles that is taking place in communities in our area.

Within the past six months, three children have died from gunshot wounds in Montgomery alone. The shooters in two of these cases were juveniles and the ages of the deceased were 14, 13 and nine years of age. This is tragic.

I am a believer in the Second Amendment and do not think that the right to bear arms should ever be abolished. I do, however, think that gun owners should be held responsible for actions related to gun violence involving their guns.

Often times these guns are reported stolen but were they properly secured? There must be more effort in storing and securing weapons so they are not stolen. Additionally, the parents of juveniles responsible for any shooting incidents should also be held accountable. There should be laws in place to punish accordingly.

Accidents happen, but if gun owners properly secure these weapons, and parents get involved in the daily activities of their children, chances are we will see a reduction in these senseless deaths.

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