Flomaton mayor's biggest problem has little to do with Dennis

Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant's city took a bit of a hit from Hurricane Dennis, but his biggest problem isn't the weather.

Bondurant says the winds that took off the roof of the drug store and a downtown station along with blowing the glass out of an auto parts store and a bank are nothing compared to the problem he has with some of the people who wonder the streets and get in the way.

"The biggest problem we're having right now is people wanting to ride around looking and we have a curfew on...They're getting in the way and if some how or other we could get them to stay off the streets, that would really help."

As for other problems related to the storm, one lady was trapped inside her house but his people were able to get her out.The mayor has another small problem, the piles of debris laying all over the place. The mayor says he's got 30 people trying to assess all the damage Dennis caused.

By 6 p.m. Sunday the winds had died down and the rain had pretty much stopped. The city was still without power, but the mayor was sure about one thing, "I don't think I could compare it to Ivan."

Flomaton, as much of south Alabama, was spared a re-run of Ivan, and for that, everyone is thankful.  He got some cooperation from the weather; now, Bondurant hopes he will get just a little from his resident sightseers.