U.S. Senate candidate Brinson makes corruption allegations against Strange

U.S. Senate candidate Brinson makes corruption allegations against Strange

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - U.S. Senate candidate Randy Brinson promoted his campaign Wednesday in a news conference, going over a time line of events leading up to what he calls a corrupt appointment of U.S. Sen. Luther Strange.

In the news conference, Brinson accused Strange, the former Alabama attorney general, of making a corrupt deal with former governor Robert Bentley in order to secure a spot in the senate. According to Brinson, that deal involved Strange's delaying an investigation into Bentley's illegal use of campaign funds to cover up an affair in return for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"As attorney general, Luther Strange had a responsibility to the people of Alabama to prosecute Governor Bentley for his illegal actions, but he didn't," Brinson said. "Luther Strange delayed an investigation by the legislature until he could be appointed to the senate by guilty Governor Bentley."

Brinson said his campaign will be working to connect the dots regarding other alleged corruption involving Strange.

"This is not just one isolated incident either, we will be talking [Thursday] about another incident that we found as well where there seems to be a conflict between the special interests and Luther Strange," Brinson said.

We asked Senator Strange's campaign for a response to Brinson's allegations but have not gotten one at this time. In our previous interviews, Strange denied any wrong doing on his handling of the Bentley investigation and his appointment to the Senate.

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