Ministry loses part of its roof in Opp - Montgomery Alabama news.

Ministry loses part of its roof in Opp

A new roof put on about six months ago, will have to be replaced at the Crossover Ministries just oustide of  Opp.  Crossover Ministries is a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Hurricane Dennis's winds took direct aim one of the ministry's buildings  and lifted off part of one roof and flipped it over the building.

Opp Police Chief Bill Shaw says, "In my opinion it was probably a strong gust of wind that took it off."

Shaw says the main roof of the building is still intact, but one part of a roof is gone and there's water damage inside the structure.

Like other city officials around south Alabama, the police chief is grateful to have had only some strong winds and a few trees and power lines down.  "So far we've been lucky," Shaw told WSFA's Chris Holmes. "It's not what we expected."

One of Chief's Shaw's biggest headache was keeping people off the roads even though the city was under curfew.  Shaw said residents did well with the curfew until the "got the opinion this thing may be over." 

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