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Does It Work

Does it work: Pocket Racers

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Parents, with school out for summer I’m sure you’re looking at different options to keep your child entertained. Well, Pocket Racers may be a new toy for your child that may hold their attention, especially if they have the need for speed. 

Pocket Racers are small toy remote controlled cars that can easily fit in the palm of your hand and be carried in your pocket. The car’s display case doubles as the vehicle’s charging port, ensuring hours of fun on the go!

The Pocket Racer's charging port needs 2 triple-A batteries. Once charged up, the car is ready to put the pedal to the metal.

Once behind the controls, I was able to steer my car in any direction, and was shocked to see how well it illuminated in the dark.

Whenever the car moved forward, the car’s white headlights beamed outward, and the tail lights shined a ruby red whenever it was moving in reverse.

Now, you can’t use Pocket Racers on carpet or outdoors, due to the small wheels. So be sure to stick to hardwood or tile floors. If you stick to that, you'll clearly see this product works.

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