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UPDATE: "Defective" firework possible cause of accident near Duncan Bridge

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A woman is recovering after a fireworks accident on Smith Lake.

"I took off running. I didn't know what to do. I was just trying to get out of dodge," Hart said. "I guess it fell over and went shooting through the crowd and it hit me."

Hart sprained her ankle running for cover. She ended up in the local ER because of it. Quite the fourth of July surprise for someone seeing this show for the first time.

Pyro Shows put on the show at the Duncan Bridge Marina. The company's president told WBRC, a five-inch shell was defective and apparently blew up on the ground and went sideways. 

That's when the Marina says it started shooting toward the crowd of people.

"Pyro Shows did a really good job taking care of everything. Taking care of the incident after it happened, investigated the situation so it would not happen in furth fireworks shows for them. It was just one of those things that's happened," said Sara Brewster, Assistant Manager with the Duncan Bridge Marina. 

For future fireworks shows, hart says she's probably going to stay a ways back from the action.

"We were awfully close. Yeah. Just too close," Hart added.

Brewster tells us this is the first ever fireworks related accident there and they are hoping it stays that way.

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