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Dennis Rips a Nearly New Roof From an Opp Church

A church in Opp suffered some serious damage when Dennis hit Sunday night. A gust of wind ripped a nearly new roof from the building.

It just doesn't seem fair. Sure, Opp got some pretty big gusts from Dennis. But why would it target a local ministry?

"My wife and I were in the house," counselor Guy Adkins explains. "We felt the building shake and we heard a tearing sound. And outside my window I heard a flappin.'"

The flapping was three big roof panels, just a year old, snatched up like a pop top. After the roar ended, Adkins says he went outside and got worried.

"I realized the roof had peeled off this way and I was concerned about this man's house across the street," Adkins said.

Dennis' damage might spawn a bible lesson. Something about the fragility of life.

"It happened so suddenly. I really feel like a tornado hit this house. Within 20 seconds all this damage was done," he said.

That lesson might end with the story about blessings. You see, Opp got lots of clouds and lots of wind. But Adkins says very little rain. Maybe they were blessed with a strong wind, too - so strong it rolled the roof right over two vans the church owned, causing no damage.

Guy Adkins says the church was insured and metal for a new roof has been ordered. If things go on schedule, and if the weather holds out, repair work should start Friday.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

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