Evacuees Head Home Causing Bumper to Bumper Traffic on I-65

There were 3 lanes of traffic with nothing but a solid stream of tail lights. "We're just trying to get home," said one evacuee.

Cars were bumper to bumper, like ants marching one behind the other. Frederick North of Monroeville says, "Coming through Montgomery it took us about an hour and twenty minutes to come about eight miles."

"When you're ready to go home, you're ready to home. So, you'll fight anything," says Donna Pittman of Pace, Florida.

After days of being away from home, they wonder what they'll face once they get back. Getting home seems to be a task in itself. Tyler Wilkins of Atmore says, "It's driving me crazy. I'm in the car with four girls and it is driving me crazy."

They say, the long road home is the price they have to pay for living in paradise. "All you have to do is have one sunny day on your boat," says Linda Nickerson of Pensacola.

They had to face another problem. State Troopers said Monday there was no gas from Evergreen to Bay Minette because of power outages. Where they found gas, they paid the price as the cost of fuel has skyrocketed.