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Heavy rains push back local construction and roadwork projects

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

It has been documented how the heavy rains have affected farmers in the area in recent weeks, but that wasn't the only area of work affected.

Even though the heavy rain in the area has cleared out since last week, people who work in construction and roadwork are still feeling the affects.

Jim Mathews, president of Mathews Development, said a rainy May and June has really impacted his work.

“It has really slowed down the whole process,” Mathews said. “I really compresses your schedule. You know, it’s almost to the point where you can’t catch up.”

His current big project is to complete four houses for the Parade of Homes. The two-weekend event starts this weekend. Last week’s rain, he said, could not have come at a worse time.

“The type of soil we have out here in East Montgomery and Pike Road is prairie soil,” Mathews said. “Once you get a hard ran, you really can’t do anything on the site for a good two or three days.”

Another builder in the New Park area said the rain kept him from being able to lay driveways.

Brantley Kirk, with the Alabama Department of Transportation, said the rain delayed a number of state roadway projects. She said laying asphalt, and striping and painting had to be put on hold. She said the department, however, pays based on the days worked as opposed to the days scheduled, so the days will not cost ALDOT extra money.

While Mathews said he and his team are putting in the extra time to make sure the houses and landscaping are done for this weekend’s Parade of Homes, he said a home being built for someone to move into would have been pushed back by about a month from last week’s rain.

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