Editorial: This great country of ours

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Having just celebrated the Fourth of July this week, I took the time to reflect on what this date truly represents.

As most know the Fourth is when our country adopted of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The holiday is also called Independence Day.  241 years ago, we declared our independence from Great Britain and the greatest country this world has ever seen was born.

I hope people occasionally reflect on how good we really have it here. Our Founding Fathers devised a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that has endured over the years.  They are brilliant documents in their design and meaning. The core to what we have is Freedom: The freedom to practice the religion of our choosing, the right to vote, the right to speak out against our government without retribution and the right to the American dream.

Too often we take these things for granted.  Too often we think as individuals and not as Americans.

I think our Founding Fathers would be rather disenchanted with our government's size and lack of productivity and would be sickened by the government's wasteful spending.  I think these great gentlemen would suggest that we focus on uniting and growing our people with one voice and not just growing the government.

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