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Using expired makeup could cause health issues

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A recent study found nearly 90 percent of women hang onto old makeup "just in case” but experts say using old products could cause serious problems. 

So just how old is too old when it comes to makeup?

Cosmetics don't come with expiration dates, like food but it's important to keep track of when you buy certain products. Using some products too long could cause skin irritation or a nasty eye infection.

Experts say the product you should be most careful with is mascara. Your eyelashes protect your eyes from bacteria, dirt, and pollen but mascara wands collect those particles, and transfer them to the mascara! So to be safe, replace your mascara every three months.

Water-based liquid eyeliner can also pick up bacteria, so replace those every six months or so. Pencil eyeliners can be replaced less often.

Moisturizers and serums should last a year or more if they're in airtight pumps or tubes. Look for an expiration date. Formulas that contain ingredients like Vitamin C may have a much shorter shelf life.

Lipsticks should last a year, and lip gloss as long as two years. One good idea when you buy a new product is to write the date on it with a Sharpie!

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