Missing New Orleans dog found safe in Alabama 2 years later

Missing New Orleans dog found safe in Alabama 2 years later

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This past weekend a Louisiana family traveled to Montgomery to be reunited with their dog, missing for more than two-and-a-half years.

Kenyada Schnyder said she has always considered her Shih Tzu, Sassy, to be a member of their family. When the dog was stolen out of the front yard of their New Orleans home in 2015 it was a devastating blow.

"My youngest son, who is 10 now, cried and cried. We had her since she was 5-weeks-old," said Schnyder.

The Schnyder's hope was renewed when they received a call from the Montgomery Humane Society. Someone had brought in their dog. On Saturday they traveled more than 300 miles to get Sassy.

"It was really like, amazing. After two-and-a-half years I never thought we would have gotten her back. I didn't think we would get her back," Schyder said.

The reason the animal shelter was able to track down the owner so quickly was because of a microchip that had been implanted in the dog years ago.

"People don't think their dog will get out, but we have stray dogs come to us all the time and a lot of them don't have microchips. It is very hard for a shelter to find the owner if they don't have one," said Kristina Dery with the Montgomery Humane Society.

Dery said the microchip procedure takes only seconds, is harmless, and typically costs less than $100.

"It is a little chip the size of a grain of rice that goes in between the shoulder blades. You can link it and it pops up on a scanner and you type in a number and the owner's information and the dog's name comes up," said Dery.

The hope is the Schnyder's happy ending will urge other pet owners to see the value of making this investment.

Every animal adopted from the Montgomery Humane Society is microchipped. Officials say it is important to remember to register the microchip in your name after adoption and keep the information updated.

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