Does it Work: The TAL wireless speaker bottle

Does it Work: The TAL wireless speaker bottle

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Enjoy music, stay hydrated, and have the capability to call back loved ones. That's what you get in this wireless speaker bottle from TAL. This is one of a few Bluetooth water bottles currently on the market, but it's 3 times cheaper than other, more high profile options.

First, we must see if the bottle actually works.

Other than charging the bottle through a micro USB port, the only setup required is connecting the bottle to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

After the connection was established, the speaker in the bottle's cap loudly played song after song. During this time the LED in the bottle's handle lit up and provided a mini-light show to go along with the music.

But what about the call-back option?

Using the play button on the bottle's cap, the instructions call for the user to press it twice to call back the most recent number in the associated phone's call log.

In our case, the last call I made was to my mother. She definitely was surprised that I was one calling her off a water bottle, and two, the call was so clear.

After our two quick test, it's easy to say this product works. The Bluetooth comparability for Android and Apple devices makes this a good product no matter what mobile device you have.

The product backs up its advertised claims and definitely is a nifty water bottle to have, especially during hot summer days.

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