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Macon County superintendent addresses education issues facing Alabama

Dr. Brooks says the biggest issue facing Alabama education is a lack of resources. (Source: WSFA 12 News) Dr. Brooks says the biggest issue facing Alabama education is a lack of resources. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Brooks, who is also the president of the School Superintendents of Alabama, said the biggest issue facing education in Alabama is not having enough adequate resources, and that equity is a big issue in rural and impoverished school systems across the state.

As the new president of the SSA, Brooks said the position gives her a louder voice to advocate for children and public education, and that in terms of funding, she would like to see funding for all subjects, not just the core classes.

“Not just funding for math, English, science, and history, but funding for the arts, funding for foreign language in elementary schools, funding for co-circular and extra-curricular activities, and funding for after school programs," said Brooks. 

But that can’t happen without the community’s support.

“Through advocacy, through legislative processes, through identifying new external partners, through public and private partnerships, through community based organizational support. There is no one magic bullet. We all have to join in this process of supporting our schools. Schools cannot do it alone,” Brooks said.

According to Brooks, education doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

“The big thing for parents is carving out time for students to have focused academic time,” said Brooks. “Make sure there is time for homework, and homework not necessarily being teacher assigned work, but being able to have reading time at home. Being able to have study time at home. Turning off the television, putting up the technological devices for a while, and having real focused academic time and family time is the greatest thing I think parents can do," continued Brooks. 

Umar Martin, a Tuskegee resident, said that as a parent, you must be willing to invest time in your children.

“Be involved in the school,” said Martin. “You have a good chance of getting a great education, because the teachers respond to parents that parent,” Martin said. 

Brooks served as District 4 president in 2014-15 and was selected to be president-elect of SSA for 2016-17. She later became the president for 2017-18.

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