Alabama Hurricane Insurance: What You Need to Know

The homeowners that suffered damage during Hurricane Dennis are putting their lives back together. For many, that recovery requires insurance companies to pay their claims and adjust losses.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner, David Parsons, says, "It's been a good experience for Alabama because the storm wasn't anything like Ivan. But there are individuals out there who have had some severe damage." Parsons also says, so far, he hasn't received complaints from adjustments in the aftermath of Dennis and the companies that write a lot of homeowners policies have reported a low number of claims in Alabama.

However, it is fairly early in the hurricane season and next time around, we may not fare so well. Is your home protected?

Parsons illustrates, "Look and see for sure if you have flood insurance because homeowners policies do not cover floods."

If you live here in central Alabama, just flipping through the phone book should suffice for shopping for the best policy, but if you live in south Alabama, you may need additional assistance.

If you don't have coverage, Parsons recommends you don't wait. "[Insurance companies] will not write once a storm gets in the gulf or certainly once a storm is named."

After all, the right insurance policy can make the aftermath of the storm less devastating. The Alabama Department of Insurance now has a market referral list for property owners in Baldwin and Mobile counties. Click on the link below for more storm insurance information.