Guest Editorial: Congressional Health Care Plan

Guest Editorial: Congressional Health Care Plan

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Guest Editorial from Pastor Ed Nettles of Freewill Missionary Baptist Church: 

All across America people are talking about health care for American citizens. As a recipient of health care, I know the importance of medical coverage.

We elect our politicians to be the voice for their constituents seeking the best possible health care plan for all Americans. The battle appears over party politics and not the best interest of the people.

I would like to see Congress set party politics aside and seek what's best for the country.

If a man's name is attached to the current Affordable Care Act and preventing Congress from taking action to correct the short falls of the Affordable Health Care Act - many Americans are left in limbo.

I would like to expand the conversation to include Congress. I am suggesting a new bill called Congressional Health Care. They should tell Americans exactly what their coverage is, everything from premiums, coverage and deductibles. If what Congress is offering all of us is less than the benefits they enjoy, then I say no to any health care plan.

It's time for Congress to make decisions with the American people in mind. Step up to the plate and leave party politics behind.

Give us Congressional Health care plan.

If it works for Congress, it work for us. I say yes to Congressional Health. Sign me up! This is just one man's opinion.

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