COPY-Officials update Dennis storm damage estimates

ATLANTA Georgia officials said today that remnants of Hurricane Dennis caused at least 20 (m) million dollars in damage to flooded automobiles and buildings struck by wind or fallen trees.

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine said the estimate represents only a small portion of damage caused when storms from Dennis churned up the middle part of Georgia on Sunday and Monday.Georgia offcials still do not know how much damage was caused by flooding. A preliminary assessment found about 250 homes sustained major damage and another 229 homes had minor flooding damage, according to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.In addition, state agriculture officials continued today to calculate the harm to the state's peanut and tobacco crops. Earlier this week, state Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin said he thought the agriculture damage could top 20 (m) million dollars.Dennis followed the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy, which swept through Georgia on July sixth and caused more than 100 (m) million dollars in damage including destruction at Atlanta Motor Speedway and nearby Tara Field Airport.___On the Net:Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner: Emergency Management Agency: Emergency Management Agency:

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