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Jailed Lowndes County defendant airs grievances on Facebook

(Source: Pedro Bennett's Facebook page.) (Source: Pedro Bennett's Facebook page.)

An Elmore County judge has revoked the bond of a repeat offender who is in trouble with the law again. Pedro Bennett was first indicted following his alleged involvement in an Elmore County home invasion in 2015. An elderly woman was shot during that incident.  
While out on bond, Bennett was arrested again on robbery and theft charges. Despite being in the Lowndes County Jail, Bennett’s social media page has been active since Friday as he airs grievances about how the 2015 case has been handled, specifically with regard to his former attorney and Elmore County District Attorney Randall Houston.

“I’ve not seen anything like this before”, Houston stated.  “It's unusual.”

The video posted on Friday on Bennett’s account has been viewed more than 3,700 times. The video is a recording of a conversation between Bennett and his former attorney discussing comments Houston made on WSFA 12 News following his arrest in 2015. 

“It's a concern to me that inmates are posting on Facebook, whether they are state inmates, county inmates, or even city inmates,” Houston expressed. “I've been assured he's not in possession of a cell phone in jail.

The Lowndes County Sheriff's Office couldn't confirm whether a search of Bennett's cell on Friday turned up a cell phone, as the deputy who conducted the search was off-duty, but somehow Bennett managed to make another post on Monday morning.

“He’s currently in the Lowndes County Jail on a $100,000 bond," Houston stated. "He's failing to realize the importance of his behavior resulting in him being in the situation he is.”

Recent court documents show Bennett was driving a car in Lowndes County when one of his passengers pulled a semi-automatic gun on the other. Bennett reportedly said, "I don't care what you do - just don't kill him in my car." 

Documents state the man was robbed at gunpoint of his jewelry and clothes, then dumped naked along the roadside.

Despite the time that's passed since his 2015 arrest, Bennett believes Houston is guilty of slander for calling him a monster and believes his former attorney didn’t do enough to stop it. Monday, Houston confirmed that sentiment hasn't changed, and Bennett’s Facebook manifesto won’t kick his office off the case.

“I think anyone who shoots a 70-year-old woman who is one-tenth his size is a monster and not smart enough to find his way out of a Walmart parking lot,” Houston added. 

WSFA 12 News reached out to the attorney in the recording twice by phone and through email. We've also placed two calls to Bennett’s new attorney but none have been returned.

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