Storm Dumps A Flood On Millbrook; Homeowners Call for City Help

If we were talking about football, the referees would call it 'piling on' in Elmore County. First, a hurricane, now a sudden heavy downpour on ground already saturated from heavy rains.

Unofficial estimates say upwards of five inches of rain fell on Millbrook in one hour Thursday afternoon. Then came the floods.

Tom Dix didn't think he owned waterfront property. But after the bottom dropped out, there it was. He doesn't consider it an improvement.

"Right now the water is two inches off my front door," Dix said. "I've got water coming out from under my carport and my Florida room back there. I'm just hoping for the best it will go back down before it rains too much more."

Dix blames some recent development nearby. He says since a new neighborhood went in, the drainage from his property has gotten progressively worse.

Ron Wolf trudged though a foot of water while we talked.

"I had to open up my gate to let the water out," he said. Wolf found a river in his back yard right after work. He also blames developers and the city.

"This is the second time in four months," he explained. "It happened in March. And nothing has been done as of today."

The flooding even hit Millbrook's businesses. The Small Motor shop found itself under water in a matter of minutes.

Owner Brenda Lindsay called it the worst flood in the business' history.

"This was up to our knees. We've lost a lot, a lot of parts and we've got a lot of damage," she said. "We've tried to get the state after they came in and paved the road, they paved the road higher. We've tried and tried to get them to help us out and we can't get any results."

And then there's one spot right behind the city owned police and fire departments. The water is drains - mostly - but what's left behind stays...and stays and stays.

"I've had several neighbors around, several of them have had problems that they said they have tried themselves to get help," one woman said.

The last lady we spoke to says she plans to ask her neighbors to complain as a group to city council. She says the standing water is a threat to a local daycare as well as neighborhood kids.

As for the small engine shop, owner Brenda Lindsay says if the state doesn't do something soon to fix things, she may visit a lawyer.

Mayor Al Kelly was out of town on city business, but town clerk Teresa Mercer said the city will continue to help business owners move the water out of their areas. Managers called five city departments on to the streets to help with the mess.