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Putting Jeff Bezos' $90 billion into some perspective

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is sitting on top of the world's largest fortune, $90 billion. That's a 9 with 10 zeros behind it. Ninety-billion. A lot of money.

But really, how much money is it when you hit such a large scale? A billion is huge. 90 billion is 90 times huger (with that much money you can buy a vowel or even a new word, so huger it is.) Thankfully, it's just math and we're here to try and put it into a more easily digestible form for anyone who doesn't have champagne flowing from their kitchen tap.

In the following examples, we're going to assume Mr. Bezos is using the good ole' Washington $1 bill. You have a couple in your wallet/purse. He has more.

Here are ten examples to put it all into perspective. 

HOME SWEET HOMES - The average American home costs $188,900. Bezos could afford to buy around 476,500 of them. 

A LOT OF VROOM - The average new car costs $33,500. Bezos could afford to buy 2.68 million of them. (Ha! still not enough houses/garages to store them all.)

YOU GET A DOLLAR! - Bezos could afford to give every U.S. citizen (323 million of us) about 278 bucks before he ran out of cash.

EVERYBODY GETS A DOLLAR! - If Bezos was feeling globally generous, everyone on the planet would get $12.85 before the case was gone.

SLEEP ON IT - What if Bezos wanted to put all that money under his mattress? He'd have to climb 32,265,900 feet to reach the pillow, or 6,111 miles

WAITING ON A BIG MAC - At $3.99 a piece, Bezos would back up the drive-thru line waiting on 22.5 billion. That's 67.6 billion buns, if you're wondering (don't forget that center one!) Let's hope Bezos goes gluten free.

COUNT ON IT - If Bezos wanted to count his cash, how long would it take? A while. At a dollar a second, it's going to take around 2,853 years. (Forget the interest. Who has time for that?)

POOLING YOUR WEALTH - If Bezos wanted to stack his cash in say, an Olympic-size swimming pool, he'd have enough dough to do it. about 41 times.

CIRCLE THE GLOBE - Forget the pool. Let's cross the ocean and the planet 360 times.

LAY IT ALL OUT THERE - Bezos could lay out his cash in a carpet worth billions and it would cover 229,950 acres, which is roughly 360 square miles.

And in the time it took you to read that, Bezos lost his 'richest man in the world' status to the old holder, Bill Gates. But don't cry for him. He's going to be ok, at least financially.

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