Editorial feedback: Legalizing pot

Editorial feedback: Legalizing pot

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - My editorial on marijuana last week generated a big response on Facebook.

Those in favor of legalizing marijuana came out in full support of weed, while also noting their negative opinions of me.

Mary wrote, "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, it needs to be legalized."

Brooke wrote, "Spoken like a true pharmaceutical rep."

Mannie stated, "Shouldn't you be reporting on Trump and all the real news; your opinion means nothing."

Sorry, Mannie, I must disagree, as I, like you, am entitled to my opinion. I was just pointing out one of many sources out there which highlight what has happened in Colorado due to the legalization of pot.  I only stated that its use in this state is illegal.

I started off by saying I do not believe marijuana would be legalized in Alabama in my life time.  That does not mean I believe it should not be put up for a vote.

Let the people decide. Just good luck finding anyone to endorse the bill.

Tracy writes, "Yea, heaven forbid somebody use a plant to treat anxiety instead of taking Xanax."

Passions run high (no pun intended) on this subject. I reiterate my original comment stating that I don't see legalization of marijuana happening in my life time, but please note I am not a prophet.  If this is true, however, I sense these folks then wish I quickly head on to the afterlife.

Bottom line is that time will tell if convenience stores will need to stock up on snack foods anytime soon.

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