Egyptian chemist denies role in bombing

CAIRO, Egypt (AP)_The Egyptian biochemist arrested in the London bombing investigation denies any role in the attacks.

The Interior Ministry in Cairo says Magdy el-Nashar told interrogators he left all of his belongings at his apartment in Britain. The ministry says he told officials he planned to go back to continue his studies.

El-Nashar taught at a British university after taking graduate courses at North Carolina State University.

The head of the Cairo research center that sponsored el-Nashar's studies says he returned to the Egyptian capital two weeks ago. He had recently taught at Leeds University and reportedly rented one of the homes searched by police in a series of raids Tuesday.

The school says el-Nashar arrived in October 2000 to do biochemical research, sponsored by the National Research Center in Cairo. The university says he earned a doctorate on May sixth.

He reportedly told neighbors he had a visa problem before leaving the country.

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