Digital advertising with WSFA

Digital advertising with WSFA

The landscape of advertising is changing rapidly. Less than 20 years ago, an on-air commercial was your only option for advertising with WSFA. Our website,, went live in late 1999. Just a decade ago smart phones and social media were still in their infancy. Now we can't imagine life without the instant access provided by the internet.

Many people just think of WSFA as a television station, but we offer advertising options beyond on-air commercials. Today there are a variety of ways to advertise with WSFA. Through the power of our website, news and weather apps, social media, and streaming channels, your message can reach customers any time of the day, wherever they are.

Digital ads can be customized in ways that on-air advertising cannot. Your ad can be targeted to put your message in front of the customers you want to reach and those who are actively looking for your products and services.

WSFA offers a wide variety of digital advertising options. Contact Jeff Gold, General Sales Manager, today to learn more about our digital advertising products and how they can benefit your business.

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