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Alleged triggerman didn't know victims in Montgomery triple shooting

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)
Ricardo Crenshaw Jr. (Source: Montgomery County Jail) Ricardo Crenshaw Jr. (Source: Montgomery County Jail)

Ricardo Crenshaw, 24, appeared in Montgomery County District Court Friday, dressed in orange jail garb and shackles. 

Police believe Crenshaw was the trigger man that killed one man, and injured a father and his 6-year-old son during a shooting in Chisholm on June 29.

During the preliminary hearing on Friday, the case agent testified that Crenshaw drove up to a house on Garden Street around 2 p.m. and opened fire with a .45 caliber firearm.

The victim, Curtis Vaughn, 29, along with the two surviving gunshot victims were outside the house, attempting to move a refrigerator into a side door. The case agent testified that the shell casings from the bullets show Crenshaw came onto the corner of the yard and opened fire, shooting Vaughn. Vaughn, through an act of adrenaline, was able to pull the refrigerator into the door with a gunshot wound and lock the door.

The father and his 6-year-old son ran around the outside of the house searching for another door to escape, while Crenshaw, “aggressively pursued them” with gunfire.

The 6-year-old was struck with a bullet under his arm, the father was shot in the back. The case agent stated the family jumped in a car to drive, but the father was too injured to drive himself to the hospital. That’s when another neighbor came over to help and put both of the victims in the car. They met patrol officers on the way to the hospital, and the victims were put in an ambulance.

To date, investigators do not believe Crenshaw knew the any of the victims.

Testimony revealed a neighbor’s camera security system recorded the defendant driving onto Garden Street and leaving in a white, older model Crown Victoria with no hubcaps. That car was found by patrol officers sitting in an active intersection with a white rag hanging from the gas tank of the car and a lighter laying on the ground under the area of the rag. The car showed no signs of being set on fire.

Police found Crenshaw’s state identification card on the passenger seat of the car, and small bag of marijuana in the glove compartment.

Crenshaw gave a statement to Montgomery Police, stating he drove the car to the residence on Garden Street but a man named, “Doug,” who was a passenger used Crenshaw’s gun to carry out the shooting. Police have not been able to identify any person named Doug to corroborate the defendant’s story, although Crenshaw also admitted he was under the influence of a control substance.

The owner of the car knew Crenshaw, but said Crenshaw took the car without his permission.

Oddly, the day before Crenshaw’s arrest, he called 911 from a service station on Ann Street, stating his mother’s car had been stolen. 
Police responded and attempted to work up a report, but Crenshaw’s lack of documentation caused him to ask police, “not to worry about it,” and declined to file the stolen vehicle report.

Vaughn's girlfriend, who saw Crenshaw in her yard with a gun, and the older shooting victim identified Crenshaw in a line up.

U.S. Marshals arrested Crenshaw at his mother’s house in Montgomery.

Judge Troy Massey found probable cause, and bound Crenshaw’s murder count, and 2 counts of attempted murder over to the grand jury.

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