What's New In Wetumpka?

Wetumpka's name alone says a lot. It is an Indian term meaning "rumbling waters", and when you ask folks what makes this town tick they often mention its beauty and never leave out the river.

WSFA 12's Kim Hendrix took a walk through Wetumpka with a woman who's taking a second turn at running this city, Wetumpka Mayor Jo Glenn. She says, "I love it. That's the way most of us feel about our city." Wetumpka has is a city of less than 6,000, but it is growing while working hard to hold onto its small town charm.

Mayor Glenn is obviously invested in the town's success. So much so, her current position is dejavu, all over again. The mayor says as the river flows so does this town's economy. Glenn tells WSFA 12 News a new riverwalk is in the works and it's designed to bring in people and new businesses. It is expected to be complete by the end of this year.

The city is also working to remember the old parts of the city like downtown it's cobblestone sidewalks, and the old Fain Theatre building. You also can't forget Wetumpka's famous Bibb Graves bridge and Fort Toulouse.