Brooks, Strange battle it out over Trump support

Brooks, Strange battle it out over Trump support

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - All throughout Alabama, a media battle brews over support of President Donald trump. So far, political attack ads from Sen. Luther Strange have accused Congressman Mo Brooks of being against Trump during the 2016 election cycle.

Brooks responded with ads of his own, pointing out money he gave to help the Trump campaign while calling his opponent's ads "slanderous."

Even top Trump supporters Ed Henry, and Perry Hooper Jr. disagree on the two candidates' Trump support.

"It's obvious who is Donald Trumps friend and who has been and who is out front for Donald Trump and that's Luther Strange," Hooper said. He served as the Montgomery County co-chair for Trump's presidential campaign while also chairing the "Trump Victory Alabama" which helped raise money for the campaign.

"Luther strange was nonexistent, never said a thing, never said a world," said Alabama Trump campaign co-chair Ed Henry.

Opinions were split on Brooks as well.

"Before the general election Mo did help us send a group to Florida to help us turn Florida," Henry said.

Brooks donated $2,500 and it was used to send Alabamians across state lines to swing Florida, which Trump ultimately won.

Hooper said the money was not given directly to the Trump campaign, instead to the Alabama Republican Party.

"After the primary you would think everybody would come together and try to support the Republican nominee," Hooper said, "but Mo never really did. I mean he would put out statements we are going to vote for the lesser of two evils," Hooper went on.

Hooper, who endorsed Strange earlier this year, said he believes Strange will be a floor leader for President Trump.

Henry said Strange lacks credibility, especially after the fallout surrounding his appointment from ex-Gov. Robert Bentley.

What the two Trump supporters do agree on is the starting of support does not matter as much as to what the new senator will do in the future.

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