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Montgomery DA offers cyber bullying advice for parents

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Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey is seeing too many cases of cyber bullying.

“It’s a huge issue, and it has, unfortunately, become bigger and bigger with more cell phones being in our kids’ hands,” Bailey said. “We are starting to see hundreds and hundreds of these during the school year.”

More than 50 percent of young people report being cyber bullied, 25 percent repeatedly. Girls are cyber bullied more than boys, and it's mostly happening on Instagram and Snapchat.

“Social media bullying is the number one bullying that we see,” Bailey explained. “It is easier to bully, it is more widespread. You can bully someone and thousands of people can join in.”

Bailey believes some apps are even more dangerous for young people, and their families. “The most dangerous in my opinion are the ones where they can broadcast live. We are now inviting strangers, or kids are inviting strangers, into our households and into our homes and sometimes parents don’t have any clue that this is happening.”

It's important to look for signs that children are victims of bullying.

“Parents and teachers need to look for a child who’s behavior has suddenly changed, has become more withdrawn. Maybe a child that goes straight to their room when they get home from school and that’s unusual for them.” Bailey goes on to say. “Once you become aware, you need to get your child help and you need to communicate with the school, or wherever the child is being bullied, to make sure that it stops and that something is being done about it.”
This is a discussion that will be continued at the "Made for Moms" expo. District Attorney Daryl Bailey will be one of the featured speakers to answer your questions and address concerns about social media and bullying among teenagers. That's next Saturday, August 12th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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