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Montgomery Fire Rescue fitness program receives international attention

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

The Montgomery Fire and Rescue wellness and physical fitness program is being recognized on an international level.

The reputation of MFR's focus on firefighter fitness has now become a discussion by physical fitness scientists from all over the world. Dr. Hank Williford at Auburn University Montgomery has been following Montgomery firefighters over an 18-year period.

Dr. Williford recently had the chance to discuss the study and the success of MFR's wellness and fitness program with the European College of Science.

In 1984 a program was designed to improve the quality of life for firefighters and aid in creating a more effective standard in fire service. At that time, the Fire Chief reached out to Dr. Williford to assist in the implementation of a fitness program designed to meet the physical demands of fighting fires.

MFR along with Williford put together a fitness program which factored in fitness standards to accommodate age and gender. Every fire station along with the departments' two gyms were equipped with state of the art exercise equipment and a fitness reward program was implemented to encourage fitness participation.

The study conducted by Dr. Williford found there were changes over time, as would be expected, associated with age. Cardiovascular endurance and performance times increased, but even with the changes, the firefighters were highly fit and able to perform at a high level.

Montgomery Fire and Rescue Department has a mandatory fitness, weight, and nutrition program for all firefighters. In all, the department has a total of 405 firefighters.

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