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Citizens report recent alligator sightings near Lake Tuscaloosa

Source: Tuscaloosa Lake Control Source: Tuscaloosa Lake Control

There have been several recent reports of alligator sightings near Lake Tuscaloosa.

“We've had five reports, of alligators from citizens,” said Tuscaloosa Lake Patrol Officer Charles Ballard.

Plenty of reports but nothing confirmed.

Ballard said they've tried to follow up on all possible alligator sightings seen in pictures sent to city staff.

“Alligators are going to try to stay away from people anyway even if they are out here,” said Ballard.

Maybe that's why they haven't had any luck in finding any.

“We haven't seen any signs of an alligator,” said Ballard.

The Executive Director of Infrastructure and Public services Tera Tubbs said they take every gator report seriously but the more information you can provide the better.

“It's very hard to say we saw an alligator on Lake Tuscaloosa you know it's kind of hard to pin point, any details we can get exact locations is really going to help us in locating those alligators if they're there,” said Tubbs.

Ballard said in Brush Creek, an area of the lake, is where a gator was supposedly spotted.

“The report is just a small alligator,” said Ballard.

There are some theories as to how gators got here.

“Maybe somebody had a pet alligator and maybe they got bigger and alligator got put back in a habitat somewhere,” said Tubbs.

If you run into a gator out on the Lakes here's what you shouldn't do.

“If they see any alligator they need to leave it alone,” said Ballard.

Tubbs said you also want to take a picture of the gator and make sure to capture something in the background that will stand out, to help them find the location.

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