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New option now available for hip dysplasia

(Source: NBC News) (Source: NBC News)

Hip dysplasia can make someone miserable. It can cause painful arthritis and lead to hip replacement surgery. And many patients who have the surgery at a young age often need the surgery again.

“I played soccer, softball, gymnastics, cheerleading,” said former high school athlete Ashley Frankenthor. “I was in so much pain, I could not walk or do anything.”

It took a few years but she was finally diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Doctors don’t know what causes it, but it can lead to severe arthritis.

“Once a hip is arthritic, the only real treatment is hip replacement,” said Dr. Joel Williams.

The problem is, hip replacements only last about 20 years for elderly patients. As many as 35 percent of patients younger than 50 have to do it again in five years.

“Each time the hip replacement is revised, the outcomes are not as good,” said Dr. Williams.

Now there’s a new option out there. It’s called hip preservation surgery. A doctor cuts the pelvis and shifts the bone up so the hip joint aligns with the socket.

Medical professionals say this procedure can postpone or even eliminate the need for a hip replacement down the road.
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