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Alex City inmate jailed for 3 days dies

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

An Alexander City Jail inmate who had been jailed for three days is dead, authorities confirm. 

Alex City Police Chief Jay Turner said a 34-year-old inmate became violently ill Monday around 9 p.m. and died at Russell Medical Center.

Turner declined to release the inmate's name but said the suspect had been in the city jail on a domestic violence charge.

"From everything I reviewed last night, it looked like it was handled in a professional manner and was within in our policies and procedures and it will be interested in seeing the outcome of the investigation to see what caused it," Turner said.

Turner says there was only one other inmate in what the chief calls the "bullpen" section of the jail and in-house surveillance video shows no physical contact between the two inmates.

Turner says the sick inmate began to "sweat profusely" and "shake."

The suspect was known to law enforcement.

As a matter of protocol, state investigators from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency have now taken over the investigation.

Turner anticipates toxicology reports to be back within two weeks.

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