Editorial: Protect your children

Editorial: Protect your children

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - According to the Washington Post, an average of 37 children die of heat stroke because they were left unattended in a hot car. That's two children every week during summer. Not all of these deaths are due to negligence, but each of them could have been prevented.

The same report revealed some startling facts:

1.    Your car will increase 20 degrees in 10 minutes without air conditioning.

2.    Cracking a window while leaving a child in a car will not work.

3.    A child's temperature rises faster than that of an adult's and child will die when its body temperature reaches 107 degrees.

4.    Over 600 children have died since 1998 due to being left in a car.

Bottom line…NEVER LEAVE a child unattended in a car…ever. Always check!!!!

Lock your car doors in the garage or driveway and keep your keys in a secure place to prevent curious youngsters from getting in these automobiles unsupervised. If a child is missing, check the car first.

I urge everyone to take the necessary precautions to protect your children from a death that is 100 percent preventable.

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