Top Alabama Senate candidates talk immigration, border wall

Top Alabama Senate candidates talk immigration, border wall

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Ever since Donald Trump hit the national stage as a serious presidential candidate, building the wall was a major part of his campaign pitch.

The wall, meant to improve border security, has been the controversial focal point of the country's immigration debate. The debate seeped down to the congressional level and is a part of the current senate race here in Alabama.

Like on the national level, there is a party divide on immigration.

Democratic frontrunners - according to the Raycom Media/strategy research poll - Robert Kennedy Jr. and Doug Jones both are against the building of a wall.

"The main thing we don't need to do, is we don't need to spend $20 billion on a wall, it's the dumbest thing ever," Jones said. "The first thing we need to do is, I think we've started, is enforcing the borders. President Obama started doing that."

"It's completely reprehensible in addition the very concept of something like build the wall is simply a code word or dog whistle to say people who are coming from the south are bad," Kennedy said.

Republican frontrunners Luther Strange, Mo Brooks and Roy Moore have all pushed immigration reform in their advertisements, and none oppose building a wall.

Congressman Mo Brooks touts his "number 1 voting record" when it comes to being tough on immigration.

"Kick out the illegal aliens, the artificial surge in the labor supply goes down and the wages go up, thereby helping American families make ends meet," Brooks said.

Earlier this summer, Brooks released a campaign ad, claiming if elected he would filibuster every funding bill which did not include funding for a wall.

Luther Strange also is a strong supporter of the wall.

"First thing we have to do is build the wall, which we promised to do because people won't expect us to do anything else if we don't do that first," Strange said.

Strange said he is sponsoring a bill which would take funding away from sanctuary cities, and use that money to contribute towards building a wall.

Roy Moore said he is for increasing border security, using more resources and man power, if the plan is unsuccessful, then he would support building a wall.

The Democratic and Republican primaries are both next Tuesday on Aug. 15.

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