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Tuscaloosa police say 17 guns stolen from unlocked cars

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Police are urging you to lock it or lose it after more than 350 car and home burglaries in Tuscaloosa since May.

The number of guns stolen is such a huge concern for police.

In just the last four months Tuscaloosa police said 17 guns were reported stolen from cars and about 80 percent of them were unlocked.

Lt. Teena Richardson said a lot of these guns are ending up in the hands of people who are doing harm to others.

Police said people are leaving their firearms and other valuables in the cars and forgetting to lock them up, so they are ending up on the street.

Too many times citizens think their home and neighborhood is safe that’s why Richardson said they don't double check to see if their doors are secure.

“So many people ask the question well how are these people getting the guns, they are not even eligible to get a license to carry again. It's because honest people are not taking the care, removing them from the vehicle and securing them properly,” said Lt. Teena Richardson.

Richardson said even if your home or car is locked do not have any expensive or personal items visible.  That could still entice a criminal to break in.

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