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Most recent Metropolitan Police update:

The Commissioner has made a second statement to the press a short time ago.

Sir Ian said that police have secured the four scenes of the explosions and the situation was fully under control. He said that there was nothing to indicate there had been a chemical attack, but more conventional [devices] had been used.

One person has been injured in the incidents. He said there had been four attempts to cause chaos, but it was time to try and return to normal.

The Commissioner urged Londoners to "get moving again", avoiding the four scenes affected. Three tube lines were still closed, the Victoria, Northern and Hammersmith & City Lines. Sir Ian that transport workers should come on shift as planned so that the transport network could keep running as normally as possible.

Police are appealing to anyone who may have photos or mobile phone images from any of the incident scenes, either at the time of the incident or shortly before, to send them online to:

If people have any information about today's incidents, they are urged to contact the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789321.

Earlier updates

Incidents in London

Emergency services personnel have responded to reports of incidents at 4 sites across the capital. They are Oval, Shepherd's Bush, Warren Street and Hackney Road, E2.

As a precaution officers have been deployed at Warren Street London Underground Station in full protective equipment in order to carry out an examination of the scene. We have carried out an initial examination at Oval and early indications show that there is no trace of chemical agents.

At this stage we have no reported casualties.

We ask people to remain at work or home at this stage and await further information.
Police are appealing to anyone who may have photos or mobile phone images from any of today's incident scenes, either at the time of the incident or shortly before.


Speaking this afternoon(London time) outside New Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said:

"We know that we have four explosions or attempts of explosions, and it is still unclear as to what has happened. There is certainly a scene at the Oval underground station. There is a scene at Warren Street underground station. There is a scene at Shepherd's Bush, which is on the underground but is actually above ground. There is a scene on a number 26 bus in Hackney. At the moment the casualty numbers appear to be very low in the explosions and the bombs appear to be smaller than on the last occasion but we don't know the implications of all this yet. We are going to have to examine the scene very carefully. "

I have a couple of messages that I really need to give if I can.

"The first is obviously part of the transport system is going to close down for a short while, while we work out what is happening. And it is very important that Londoners or people in London stay where they are.

The second is we will make a further announcement around what the travel implications are, but what we don't want is lots of people going to railway stations - the trains as far as I know are still running. But it is just stay where you are; go about your normal business.

The plan is there. We have seen it happen before. It is rehearsed; the emergency services are getting control over a very confused scene. Clearly this is a very serious incident but what I am going to do now is go off to COBR to meet with the Home Secretary and others and see where we go from here."

Bulletin 0000000227 21 July 2005

Information provided by the London Metropolitan Police Service