Bills toughening laws against sex offenders pass House and Senate

The House has passed a bill that would require mandatory castration of persons convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 12.

The bill would also require them to wear electronic monitoring devices for the rest of their lives after release from prison. The House heavily amended the legislation proposed by Governor Riley and Attorney General Troy King. The House bill would prevent all convicted sex offenders from working or loitering within 500 feet of a school, park or business that educates or entertains children. The bill passed the House 96 to nothing. A milder version of the legislation passed the Senate 35 to nothing.

The Senate version provides stiffer penalties for sex offenders, provides for electronic monitoring for at least ten years and toughens requirements for them to report their location to police. The sex offender bills were approved on the third day of a special session. Either the House or Senate version must pass in the other chamber before the legislation can become law.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press