Runoff election approaching, Moore and Strange fight for votes

Runoff election approaching, Moore and Strange fight for votes

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabamians are just weeks away from choosing the republican nominee for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vacated senate seat.

Roy Moore and Luther Strange are in a runoff for the nomination. During August's primary, Moore finished with 39 percent of the vote, while Strange finished with 33 percent.

Polls in recent weeks have varied, often depending on who was sending them out.

"There is no poll that shows Luther Strange ahead," said Jon Gray, a pollster and one of the founders of Strategy research.

However, the difference between the two candidates varies from Moore running away with the nomination to a dead heat.

"This is a very different game when you get to a runoff, because with two people, one wins and one loses," Gray said. "This is about getting your voters to the polls while the first round was about name recognition and about some time of message identification. This is about targeting your voters and turning them out."

With low turnout expected for the runoff, getting supporters to the polls will likely be the difference.

According to Jon Gray, people who voted for candidates other than Strange and Moore, such as Mo Brooks, are swinging towards supporting Moore.

However, those who voted in the previous election are not the only ones involved in the race.

"It's very unlikely that the only people coming to vote are those who voted in August," Gray said.

According to Gray, there could be a new "universe" of people voting in the runoff, which could be up for grabs between the two candidates.

Gray said the runoff will be more about targeted voters, seeing who is supporting the candidates and making sure that person hits the polls.

"They are going to wear those people out, they are going to ring their phones off the hook, you are going to see more ads on your Facebook feed than you've ever imagined seeing all intended to motivate that person to go out and vote," Gray said.

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