Editorial: DirectTV Update

Editorial: DirectTV Update

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tuesday at 11:59 p.m., WSFA's extended agreement with DIRECTV will expire and they may drop this station from their lineup.

We have been working hard to stay on their system, but they've simply refused to a fair deal to continue carrying us. So in a few short hours…local DirectTV subscribers are in danger of a total blackout of their favorite local news, weather and (network) programming….including (America's Got Talent, NFL On Thursday Night, NFL Sunday Night, WSFA 12 News and a host of your other favorite programs.).

Unfortunately, DirectTV has shown time and again…it's willing to leave their customers in the dark. Since 2015, DirectTV has dropped local channels from their system 14 times, impacting millions of viewers, and it looks like they want to add our viewers to the list.

Remember you have choices: we are free over the air, at wsfa.com, our free news and weather apps, (Roku and Amazon Fire) and also available through other local providers.

Please go to ourlocalcommitment.com/WSFA for continuing updates.

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