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Amazon to Birmingham? City in talks with merchandise selling giant

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Could Amazon bring a new headquarters complex to Birmingham?

Right now, Mayor William Bell says the city is in discussions with Amazon about them possibly building a $5 billion headquarters here.

The city is scouting locations on the west side possibly in the Birmingport area. Bell says the port facility is undergoing renovations to make it possible for big companies like Amazon to open up shop.

Bell tells WBRC this would be a huge get for the Magic City.

"Within a day's drive, you can touch three-quarters of the country from this area. Plus, we have a rail. We have trucking and pretty soon we're even going to have a port facility to handle a lot of transportation issues surrounding merchandise,” Bell said.

Amazon is looking at opening up a second headquarters location around the country. The company says 50,000 full-time employees will be employed at the new location.

Amazon already has a sorting facility set to open later this year in Mobile.

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