Hurricane Frederic made landfall in Alabama 38 years ago - Montgomery Alabama news.

Hurricane Frederic made landfall in Alabama 38 years ago

(Source: National Weather Service) (Source: National Weather Service)

It’s been 38 years since over 500,000 people evacuated ahead of Hurricane Frederic. The category 3 hurricane made landfall in Alabama when it swept through the Mobile Bay area in 1979.

Frederic moved along the Alabama-Mississippi state line, with an eye that was 50 miles across and 40 miles tall, according to the National Weather Service.

At the time, it was the largest hurricane center that many weather forecasters had ever encountered. The winds reached up to 145 mph and up to 11 inches of rain was dropped in some areas. The high hurricane winds blasted the Mobile Bay area for several hours on Sept. 12, even reaching as far as Choctaw County, 113 miles away, during the early morning of Sept. 13.

The aftermath of Frederic was devastating with five deaths on record and damages reaching over $2 billion. Downed trees caused extensive complication as they blocked roads, fell onto various homes, and businesses, and hit down many power lines. As a result, several residents of the Mobile Bay area experienced power outages for up to five weeks. Storm surge damage was documented for 80 miles along the coast.

Below is a video from the National Archives and Records Administration shows the damage and recovery effort:

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