Martha Roby: A day in the life

Martha Roby: A day in the life

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Occasionally when Congress is not in session, members are considered to be on "recess," but very rarely does that mean there is a vacation.

For congresswoman Martha Roby, these breaks mean a chance to head home and meet with constituents, and are usually filled with schedule-packed days.

Raycom followed around the congresswoman for a day, showing her going to a high school, to a future business development, to an airfield. All part of the day in the life of a member of congress.

Roby has a team around her making sure she stays prepared and on time during her day. Drive time to and from events, is oftentimes for phone calls or event prep, all in the goal of making sure the schedule goes off without a hitch.

Even lunch becomes an event of its own. Allowing for time to meet and greet with those who may be in the establishment, while also having a quick meal along the way.

However, Roby's business schedule is just part of the balance, because after her last meeting, it's time to be a parent. For her, that sometimes means going to see her daughter play in her volleyball game.

"Well I think with any job it's time management, it's life, work balance. Everybody faces that. No matter what your job or your position may be it's just finding enough hours in the day to get it all done," Roby said.

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