Editorial: How you dress sometimes does not matter

Editorial: How you dress sometimes does not matter

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A couple of weeks ago the president and first lady visited the storm-ravaged areas of Texas and Louisiana. The two met with storm victims and volunteers and provided them with encouragement, letting them know that they are not in this alone and that the United States is with them to help in their hour of need.

You know they will now be making a trip to Florida in the coming days with the same message.

The president and the first lady make these trips for no other purpose than to reassure their fellow citizens that despite any differences or difficulties we might have, during times like these, we are one and the nation is here to help.

Enter Lynn Yeager, a contributing editor for Vogue Magazine who could not miss the opportunity to negatively judge Mrs. Trump for wearing high heels on the way to the storm area. She wrote "What kind of message does a fly-in visit from the first lady in sky high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation, of this natural disaster?"

Note the first lady had tennis shoes on Air Force One, which she changed to when actually visiting the storm damaged areas.

I sense the people devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and now those in Florida, are just happy to see her and are grateful for her's and the president's support.

I sense also these same people would be equally thrilled to see Ms. Yeager if she came down to help and certainly would not judge her on how she typically presents herself.

As much as someone dislikes the president at times like these, one's actions of help go so much further than the senseless and wrongful judging of those who are actually there to help.

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