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Condom fails to get pro-consent message across with confusing emoji

(RNN) - A condom company has learned that, when putting together a trendy ad campaign about a serious issue, "doughnut" try to get too cute.

A problematic prophylactic from a campus safe sex initiative got nearly 40,000 upvotes on Reddit. Following a picture of a donut, the wrapper reads, "Go further without consent."

While appearing anti-consensual sex at first glance, the message's error is in the execution: The doughnut is supposed to replace "do not."

"It took me a minute to actually get that the donut was supposed to be part of the sentence, but even after the pun clicked, I just have so many more questions about the brainstorming process behind this," wrote one commenter. "How did they arrive at this final product? It's so, so terrible that it's utterly fascinating."

It's produced by the Say It With a Condom, which has a full line of Consent Condoms. Other messages include the more straightforward "Nothing is as sexy as a yes," and, "Be a gent ask for consent."

The company has previously partnered with organizations including Indiana University’s Culture of Care campaign, Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services and Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, according to its site.

New York Post reported Monday that the confusing contraceptive was out of stock on the company's website. As of Wednesday, it had been removed from the site.

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