Teacher helps build next generation at Redland Elementary

Teacher helps build next generation at Redland Elementary
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - One educator in Wetumpka is teaching her students the value of setting goals and motivating them to succeed in and out of the classroom. The most impressive part? She is doing it all before they even leave elementary school. Her name is Rebekah Jones.

Mrs. Jones started her career as an educator 10 years ago after being inspired by one of her own teachers.

"When I was in third grade I had the most awesome teacher ever and she inspired me," Jones recalled. "She took time to care about me as a person and just my grades or how I performed on a test. I want to share that with other kids."

Even though she is now entering her third year as a teacher at Redland Elementary, the amount of love and compassion Mrs. Jones has for her kiddos is at an all-time high. She treats each student in her class like they are part of her family.

"All 21 on of them (I have now), the hundred I have taught before - they are my kids," Jones explained. "I care about them more than when they are in my classroom; I check in on them in evenings if they are sick, or if they are not doing great. When you truly view them as your kids, also and as part of your family, I think that's what makes us different."

What else sets this teacher and second graders classroom apart? Well, just because her students are youngsters doesn't mean Mrs. Jones allows them to have low standards of themselves or their work.

"Oh, I definitely believe they are leaders! I talk to them all the time about being a leader and how they are in the best class, so they have to act like they are in the best class. I expect them to be their best, and they will rise to that expectation. Whatever expectation you set for them, they will rise to them."

Congrats Mrs. Jones, you're this week's Class Act!

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