Moore, Strange set to debate in unique format

Moore, Strange set to debate in unique format

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It took weeks of back and forth, but U.S. Senate candidates Luther Strange and Roy Moore will meet in Montgomery on Thursday to debate each other.

The debate will not have a moderator or questions from the press. Instead, it will be just Moore and Strange, one on one.

"I definitely haven't seen one like this in recent memory," David Hughes, an assistant political science professor at Auburn University-Montgomery, said.

When Moore was calling for this style debate, he wanted to compare it to the famed "Great Debates" between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.

This debate will likely not be as historically significant, but both candidates will get a chance to make their case before the runoff on Sept 26.

"I think it is very important," Hughes said, "mainly because it will allow the candidates to talk about where they stand on the issues.

" There is a great contrast between me and my opponent, and this will give us an opportunity to draw that contrast," stated Strange.

However, despite the different style, the lack of a moderator may not drastically change the debate.

"My hunch is this is going to feel a lot like the stump speeches they've already been giving except this time they will be standing in front of each other," Hughes explained.

The debate will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday at the RSA Activity Center.

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