Debate helps some solidify decision on who to vote for

Debate helps some solidify decision on who to vote for

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Strange and Moore supporters packed out the RSA Activity Center for Thursday night's debate. Other than a few outburst of applause from the crowd it was peaceful on both sides during the hour.

"I was pretty pleased. I was afraid it would be a little out of control. I thought it was well disciplined," said Rep. Mike Holmes, a Roy Moore supporter.

"I thought it was great for both sides and anyone that wanted to come listen to both candidates," said Perry Hooper Jr., a Luther Strange supporter.

Most of the supporters already had their minds made up on who they will vote for Tuesday, but for some like Willie Casey the debate solidified their decision.

"[Roy Moore] showed his biblical strength and the principals he stands on that is unshakable. That really embraced me and gave me more energy to support him," said Casey.

Business owner Hatton Smith felt Strange tackled the real issues, like job creation.

"We are about jobs. Luther has experience in creating jobs. He painted it in a way for his role as a senator to create jobs. A big vision," said Smith.

"Luther is the better fit for representing Alabama as the U.S. Senator. He went over and over addressing the issues cutting taxes for the average worker or infrastructure. Strange is all over that," said Hooper.

Moore Supporter Suzelle Josey thought this was over shadowed by the president and who he is endorsing.

"I was and still am a president Trump supporter. However this race is about the supporters of the people of Alabama," said Josey.

"On the other side we still have some unanswered questions that Judge Moore Raised that never got answered by Strange and that is troubling," Holmes said.

On Tuesday, voters head to the polls to vote in this GOP runoff election. Whoever wins this runoff will face off against Doug Jones in the general election.

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